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Is Your Web Platform Optimal?

Your Website Should be a
Profit-Driven Asset, not an Expense.

Does your website work for you?
If it isn't drawing visitors, capturing their attention, and converting them into leads, then it doesn't.

The Craig Report

Strategies that help your website

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Move The Needle – Commercial

Jon Craig Design’s commercial titled “Move The Needle” This was designed as a fast “what if” conversation to help with a basic understanding of why aesthetically pleasing but logical design is so important. It gives a moving diagram of where great foresight into your customers…

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The Importance of Site Speed

Today were going to talk about site speed. More importantly, how it affects your results from a conversion perspective, search results and user experience. Before we get into that however I would like you to put yourself in your “find information” mindset, otherwise known as…

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Kill Your “Brochure” Website

or why your website sucks and what to do about it. It’s 2017 and it looks the part around the web. Our elderly are liking and commenting on Facebook daily, many from their phones. Our kids are getting answers to questions we wouldn’t have asked…

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Websites Built Around Strategy

What I Do Well

I'm not here to set up a brochure on a screen and walk away, my business success relies on your business success.

Web strategies revolve around knowing what works and telling your company story in a way all its own.

Who I Work With

I work well with people who know the importance of great design and a clear message.

People who understand cheap design is the most expensive route to take and have a genuine desire to improve their online presence in search of dramatic results.

Who I Don't

Businesses with no interest in design consultations and discovery.

People who want to make their unworkable strategies workable. People that want me to keep their existing site and "SEO it up".

The Skills That Set Me Apart

My Conversions

Whether it's selling the visitor a product, grabbing their email, or getting them to pick up their phone and call you, converting online can be almost anything.

With extensive experience in the online conversion markets, I know what works and what doesn't with consumers.

My Speed

One thing overlooked by design agencies is a sites load time.

Every additional second it takes to load your site your users are 7% more likely to leave. In addition to that, Google now ranks sites taking speed into large consideration.


SEO or Search Engine Optimization, has a reputation of being the dark art in the industry. The truth is some parts of it stay the same (the basics) and some change (the advanced).

This leaves many markets ripe for taking over top results to this day, and why I offer ongoing content creation for you in the future.

The Wait is Over, Time for Launch

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